Greenhouse: the section where we talk about everything to do with greenhouses. Garden greenhouses offer a magical space where nature and technology come together. By creating a controlled microclimate, they extend the seasons and offer protection from the elements. Growing your own fruit and vegetables at home is much more than a simple farming practice; it’s a step towards food self-sufficiency. It reconnects us with the source of our food, promotes freshness and flavour, and helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

And with a greenhouse, all this is possible. In this section, you’ll find all our comparisons, tips and advice for installing a greenhouse in your garden.

Let the first parent who has never heard this phrase come out of their children’s mouths cast the first stone! 😉 In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives as active citizens, eager to offer the best to our children, all strategies are good to take to gain efficiency in daily life without giving...
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équipements serre
Spring is almost here, and you’re probably bursting with ideas and desires for this new growing season that’s just around the corner. Whether you’re an amateur gardener or a professional looking for efficiency, choosing your greenhouse equipment is a crucial step that can transform your greenhouse-growing experience. In this article, we guide you through the...
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Serre autonome
Are you a regular reader of our newsletters or have you just discovered myfood? Do you think that automated greenhouse gardening is a dream come true for some people? But you’re convinced that you need to take control of your diet? Well, every day we talk to hundreds of committed citizens who are asking themselves...
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Living self-sufficiently on your own plot of land with your own greenhouse? Stop going to the shops and depend on no-one? Install a greenhouse in your garden and feed your whole family? What is really possible to grow at home? Where is the truth, between the 6-hectare field that feeds 4 people, the 50m² garden...
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Greenhouse in a pioneer's garden
The planet is on your mind, and you’re wondering how to improve your ecological impact and eat better? We have the solution: invest in an innovative greenhouse. This is not a decision you take lightly. It’s a long-term project. But we are here to answer your questions. We’ll help you sort it all out with...
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