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The benefits of greenhouse gardening in autumn

During the fall, low temperatures can compromise the survival of fruit, flowers and vegetables growing...
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Pollinators decline, a matter of concern

The month of June is highly anticipated by our culture enthusiasts. Often synonymous with sunshine,...
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What about the return on investment of a smart greenhouse?

The first, legitimate thought that comes to the mind is: is it profitable? Download   In...
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Lockdown time

For several weeks now, the lockdown imposed by a health crisis that has been unprecedented...
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Act daily and think big

“Anchoring in the landscape and for good” We are opening in 2020 to a fourth...
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Back from CES: incredible meetings and a budding community starting in the US

“So how was Vegas?” We have been asked this question very often since we’re back....
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Secure the 2019 purchase price, book your greenhouse today!

After having installed nearly 200 greenhouses in the last three years, we have reached a...
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It’s a good time to get started

Our greenhouses continue to evolve thanks to the valuable feedback from our community. We now...
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Back from Summer and Super Motivated

The whole team is excited to deliver an ever-growing and improving experience. Our busy season...
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