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The community spirit is the myfood DNA
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This initiative has emerged from freely available knowledge and insights for the common good.

We serve the community of contributors to engage and inspire as many people as possible around our platform. They are employees, tinkerers, retired or in transition. Everyone takes ownership of the tool in their own way and brings their own personal touch to the whole.

This is what we call open innovation. Technology and knowledge are of no use if they do not reach as many people as possible and are therefore beneficial to society as a whole.

Day after day, the Pioneers experiment with our connected greenhouses – aggregations of knowledge and past experience – to bring this expertise to all those who share our values.

Since 2015, an active community shares the ambition to change the way food is produced.


Charlie M.

“After COVID, it is essential to control what we put on our plate”

Yannick H.

“Thanks to the greenhouse, it is possible to harvest just enough for the meal”

Olivier C.

“We were quite happy during the lockdown period to have fruit without going outside”.

Richard M.

“My family consumes very little processed food, so the greenhouse was part of our approach”

Aurélia J.

“Unlike organic baskets, the idea is to have the choice and produce what you like”

Yann E.

“I had been looking to grow my herbs and vegetables on site for quite some time”

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Reconnect to your FoodWe believe that everyone should be able to produce their own food, locally.

Combining ancestral techniques inspired by permaculture.
To create an innovative symbiosis that brings the plant and aquatic worlds into contact.

Our ambition?

To bring more transparency to the food industry.
To fight against the waste of energy and resources.
To make it possible for everyone to produce healthy, diversified and ultra-fresh food at home.

An urban vegetable garden with a minimum of constraints.
An aquaponic, bioclimatic, connected and remotely managed greenhouse.
An active and reactive community that supports you throughout the experience.
Agronomists specialised in urban agriculture at your service.

We have studied everything to ensure your success.