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Optimize your smart greenhouse with bullet-proven software technologies

myfood hub webapp

The application allows you to connect to your smart greenhouse remotly via your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Then, you will have access to key information for an optimal control (indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, water acidity, crop monitoring, dedicated recommendations).

  • Sensors graphical visualisation (pH, temperature, humidity)
  • Integrated cultivation calendar
  • Events, actions, advices management
We have set up a collaborative platform to facilitate the handling of our solutions.

Exchange, sharing, cutting-edge expertise

Francois J. #235

A lucky few (of which I was) were able to try fish food made from insects – food produced by a pioneer if I have followed correctly. My goldfish love it! Is it possible to order new ones?

Christophe B. # 404

Hello, we are starting the plantings in the trays, on the hub in the calendar category perma beds, it is written the number of plants to put per location. But how many places are there per bin? Thank you.

Virginie G. # 335

Hello, have you ever planted corn salad in the towers? I am in the process of testing for pink radishes. In less than 4 days, there were leaves.
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