Our vision

Matthieu Urban and Mickaël Gandecki, founders of Myfood

The start of a spreading awareness…

It is the story of a group of friends who – in search of a purpose – tried to produce their own food on a piece of garden.

What was meant to be a simple experiment has, to our delight, evolved into a business that takes our mission to a global level.

It all starts in 2015 with our participation in POC21

We met many stakeholders of change who – like us – were striving to push the boundaries and build a more sustainable world for generations to come. 

While on this accelerator of innovation, we discovered many ground-breaking ideas. They were just waiting to spread into everyday life and fundamentally change production models.

At the time, we also found that our concerns were meeting with a growing response in the face of the first signs of climate change. 

How can you eat healthily and carefree when food production and its logistics depend almost exclusively on oil? 

How can you, as a citizen, contribute to a strong initiative and mark a radical break in your everyday life today to be more in line with your values?

How can you show that it is possible to produce differently, with better water and energy management and with full respect for biodiversity?

How can you change your impact to become more self-sufficient while producing high-quality, waste-free food just a few steps from your home? 

A prophetic vision ahead of its time 

The succession of recent crises has only confirmed our initial intuitions. 

It is obvious that our model of civilisation has reached an unprecedented level of fragility. 

It has become essential to rebuild the resilience and food autonomy of our regions.

Originally, our considerations focused on finding a change that could be replicated on a large scale. In the digital age, the dissemination of ideas and information offers new opportunities. 

By launching this open and collaborative community project for the common good, we wanted to empower pioneers around the world by giving them back the means to regain food autonomy. This is done through the democratisation of an innovative tool for self-production: a turnkey greenhouse. 

We are convinced that the current model can become more balanced and resilient through decentralisation. Shortening distances and optimising available energy. 

Our vision is to overcome the obstacles to producing our own food: Lack of knowledge, time and space; climatic vagaries; lack of water, etc. 

Today, our greatest reward is to see the numerous pictures of the harvests of the families who run their greenhouse. 

And incidentally, it is the success of uniting a team and an ecosystem of companies based on our values of transparency, simplicity and responsibility

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