Most frequently asked questions


Choose your greenhouse

AWhat sizes of greenhouses are available?

We have several sizes of greenhouses:

City model: 3,5m² (224cm x 159cm)

Family model: 22m² (593cm x 380cm)

Family44 model : 44m² (1186cm x 380cm)

We can also deploy mid-size greenhouses depending on space and need.

Finally, a solution for any space: the Aerospring vertical garden to be installed on a balcony, a roof, a terrace or indoors with the LED kit.

B What are the materials used ? How resistant is the greenhouse to bad weather?

The greenhouse is made up of an aluminum structure and stainless steel bolts. Tempered glass (Securit) is 4mm thick and 7 times stronger than standard horticultural glass.

Concretely, your greenhouse can withstand winds of at least 130km / h, as we have experienced, and other climatic hazards such as hail or snow.

CWhat are the prerequisites for installing the smart greenhouse?

The greenhouse should be well exposed to light. Flat and level ground is essential for the water basins to be operational. The greenhouse must also have a nearby water point in order to fill the basins and top up water.

An electrical connection is required to power the pump, ventilation, etc. However, this can be avoided if you choose to install our solar panels, your greenhouse can be energy self-sufficient depending on the exposure and geography.


D Do you need a building permit?

No, a building permit is not required for the installation of our greenhouses. However, a work declaration must be made in certain cases (above 5m²). Certain situations are specific (Zone A, PLU, protected areas).

In case of doubt, you can inquire at the town hall. The declaration must be sent when signing the estimate, to receive notification from the town hall before installation.

EWhich exposure is preferable?

It will depend on your location. The greenhouse needs at least half a day in the sun each day, so prefer a south or west exposure.

However, if, on the other hand, you fear too much heat, do not hesitate to equip yourself with the comfort module (shade cloth and double front and rear doors for ventilation).

FCan we install a greenhouse on a roof?

Yes, if it is a flat, accessible and level roof, it is possible. However, the load-bearing capacity of the roof must be checked. The greenhouse weighs about 950 kilos, to which must be added 1200 liters of water, so a total weight of about 2150 kilos on 22m². The load can be distributed

With a floor (housing module) to bring the weight per m² below 150kg per m².

GCan I move my greenhouse?

The greenhouse is a self-supporting structure, which means that it can be completely dismantled and installed again.

It will follow you everywhere or will benefit your future buyers.

H I make up my mind today. What delivery time?

Once the quote has been signed and the 30% deposit paid, it takes 5 to 6 weeks before having your greenhouse installed at home.

The greenhouse is installed in one to three days depending on its configuration.

ICan we install a greenhouse in extreme climates (Canada, Middle East, Mars)

Yes, we have greenhouses in operation in these regions with the required adaptations.

J Do you do custom projects?

We do tailor-made projects for both individuals and professionals. For this, we invite you to contact us.


Aquaponics, Bioponics and Permaculture

AWhat is the difference between aquaponics, permaculture or bioponics?

You will find below a complete article to understand the difference between these cultivation techniques, circular and complementary.


BWhat types of fish should be used in aquaponics?

With your greenhouse, you will receive your new companions, the goldfish. They are ideal for beginners in aquaponics because they are very hardy fish, especially to variations in pH and water temperature.

Depending on your desire and the season, it will be possible to breed edible fish: carp, trout or tilapia.

CCan the greenhouse be operated without fish?

Yes perfectly ! This process is called “bioponics” and does not require any modification to our system. We will simply put natural fertilizers in the water (nettle manure, compost juice, beet stillage, wood ash, etc.).

These fertilizers are supplied with the greenhouse for approximately one year of production. At any time, you can switch from bioponics to aquaponics and vice versa.

DWhat material do you use in the grow columns?

It is an inorganic food grade recycled PET substrate that acts as a biofilter. It has 960 m² / m3 of biological surface (3 times more than usual substrates or filtration systems), while offering large aerobic zones for bacteria and a stabilized temperature favorable to the roots.


Cultivate and harvest

A What is the maintenance to be expected?

No watering, no weeding, no slugs or snails in your salads. Aquaponics take much less time than a traditional vegetable garden. Greenhouse maintenance is limited to feeding the fish or adding fertilizer, cleaning the filtration system, preparing seedlings, planting and harvesting.

Our pioneers tell us that one hour a week maintenance is required in winter and two hours a week in summer. You can plan to go on vacation for a week in summer (two in low season) without having to do anything in the greenhouse.


BWhat can I grow for fruits and vegetables?

It is possible to cultivate the entire seasonal market gardening basket all year round: fruit vegetables, roots, leaves, fruits, legumes, herbs or even edible flowers.


CIs it possible to cultivate all year round?

Yes, by adapting the configuration of your greenhouse to your climate. On the other hand, you cannot grow summer vegetables in winter, you have to respect the varieties according to the seasons.

DHow much fruit and vegetables can you produce in a smart greenhouse? What is the return on investment?

You can harvest up to 400kg of fruit and vegetables per year in a Family greenhouse and 100kg in a City greenhouse. For the Family greenhouse, you can thus cover up to 80% of the needs of a family of 3 to 4 people over the year.

By comparing the crops valued at the price of seasonal vegetables and fruits, the greenhouse can be profitable from 4 years depending on its configuration.

Not to mention the shared moments, the transformation of your daily life and the positive impact on your health and for the planet.


EDo you have to be an expert in gardening to use your greenhouses? How long does it take for my greenhouse to reach its optimum performance?

No, even the most neophytes impress us. By following our recommendations, you will be able to take charge of the greenhouse at your own pace.

You are part of a caring and learning community. You have the possibility to seek the help of our agronomists for more intensive support.

FWhat are the consumables to expect each year?

Everything is included in the starter kit for the first 6 months.

The consumables to plan are: seeds, substrate for your seedlings and amendment for your permaculture tanks.

Also, it will be necessary to provide food for your fish or organic fertilizers in bioponics to ensure the good growth of your plants. You will find these consumables on our online store:



Our vision

AHow does your smart greenhouse work?

The greenhouse collects in real time several essential parameters thanks to sensors linked to its environment: temperature, pH, humidity. Via your platform, you have a view on its proper functioning and you are notified if necessary. Our agronomists also have a global vision of the greenhouse park and can contact you directly.

With our resources, you will be able to learn how to manage your culture as simply as possible. Our experience does not end there. Once your greenhouse is installed, each new Pioneer enters the Community to discuss, ask questions, and learn.

Your greenhouse informs you and our Community trains you.

BIs there a paid subscription for access to the application and agronomic support?

Yes, there is a subscription of 29€ TTC per year for connectivity and access to our resources (dedicated social network, dashboard, call with agronomists). Membership is offered for the first year. If you choose to stop the subscription, the greenhouse will still be able to operate and the data can be viewed locally by wifi.

CHow many people are equipped with a smart greenhouse?

The community is currently driven by over 300 Pioneers and our team of agronomists who share their knowledge and help with the publication of content (article writing, video testimonial, tour, etc.).

Our number of Pioneers doubles every year.

DWhy is the spirit of sharing important to you?

Our improvements are always based on the feedback from our Pioneers.

We contribute to the common good and want to fundamentally transform food consumption patterns.


EWhat are your development projects?

We are moving towards projects to extend the possibilities of greenhouse crops: production of microgreens and spirulina for example, as well as its degree of autonomy.

FHow to visit a smart greenhouse?

We organize a virtual visit every week in the form of remote videoconferencing. We favor this moment for a first discovery. In this way, you will discover our greenhouse and our approach from all angles, from your home.

You can also visit us by appointment at our headquarters in Molsheim (67). After a first contact with our team, it is possible to redirect you to a Pioneer near you who will welcome you with pleasure to share his experience.

G What is Sigfox?

Sigfox is a French telecom operator specializing in the Internet of Things. We install Sigfox connectivity on each of our greenhouses. Indeed, this technology will connect the greenhouse to our server via a low-speed and energy-efficient cellular network.


H And for international projects?

We deliver worldwide. For any project, contact us.

You can follow the development of our Community on our Pioneer Map:


II already have a greenhouse, is it possible to equip it with your solutions?

In some cases and depending on the model of your greenhouse, it is possible to equip it. Contact us to study this option.

J Are you looking for distributors or ambassadors?

Yes, we have an ambassador program. You can contact us about it.