Back to school day at Mont Sainte-Odile and presentation of future ambitions and objectives, the adventure continues! Partnership and installation of an educational F44 greenhouse at Xavier Niel’s Hectar Farm. Installation of the first prototype of a platform on a foundation screw to eventually offer an alternative to the concrete slab.

  • More than 450 greenhouses deployed.
  • Over 5,600 followers on Instagram.
  • More than 19,000 subscribers to the Newsletter.
  • More than 22,000 followers on Facebook
  • Strengthening of our international presence, particularly in Germany and Belgium.
  • Arrival of the business developer.


  • Recruitment of a new B2C sales manager and appointment of Nathalie Eberhart as B2C Group Manager.
  • Inauguration of a dedicated B2B business unit with the arrival of a Business Developer from September 2021.
  • Technical takeover of the entire pellet stove range.
  • Product developments on the harvesting system of the microalgae module and user feedback on the tuber and mushroom kits.
  • Improvements to the City (gutter). Revision of the sizing of the irrigation system to optimise filtration and make the greenhouse more autonomous without intervention. Creation of support videos in the event of an incident (pump, etc.). Design and validation of a watertight joint solution for double greenhouses.
  • Establishment of an IT partnership with a service provider for the maintenance of the park, security and network quality.


The satisfaction rating is currently 4.8 / 5 on Google (48 reviews). More than 50 greenhouses were delivered without any disruption in supply and despite the tensions on the world markets. Established a second seedling incubator to meet the growing demand from our pioneer community. Planning a new container to Quebec for the summer of 2021. Strengthened media presence (Public Sénat, Alsace20).

  • Launch of our new website front page.
  • Entry in the BPI France/France Digitale mapping of impact startups.
    New format of pioneering testimonials on our YouTube channel.


Installation of a greenhouse at the home of Simone Zanoni, chef at Georges V. Development of a new price list and a new B2B brochure. Implementation of a nationwide maintenance service with Jardins de Gally.

R&D activity in progress:

  • Internal study in progress on the behaviour of greenhouses subjected to strong climatic hazards.
  • Research into alternatives to concrete foundations.
  • CE certification in progress for the measurement box.
  • Transformation of the HUB platform in progress.
  • Start of ERP migration to Odoo v.14.
    Agronomic tests on a Tuber (potato) and Mushroom (shitaake) module and improvement of the biopony process.
  • Redesign of the main page of our website for better performance.
  • Legal study in progress to clarify the town planning and tax constraints related to the installation of a greenhouse.


In the first half of the year, we have seen a trend of +90% compared to the same period last year.

  • 18,000 subscribers on Facebook.
  • 1,000 forms per month.
  • Increase in B2C activity and recovery in B2B activity.
  • Winner of the CCI’s Export Trophy 2021.
  • Entry into the Foodtech500 top list at number 39.
  • Entry in the top 50 of the Impact entrepreneurship (Carenews).
  • Founder Mickaël Gandecki’s appearance in the TEDx programme on the occasion of the second edition of TEDxENSEA.

December 31

Turnover multiplied by 2 compared to 2019 (100% growth). Exports represent 20% of turnover and we are seeing an increase in digital traffic with 25,000 visitors per month this quarter.


Acceleration of media presence:

  • Publication of the INPI on myfood
  • myfood wins the CleanTech Open 2020 competition

May 15

The team expands, recruiting a new agronomist, an after-sales service manager, a sales person and a marketing and communication manager.

March 17

First national containment due to the covid-19 pandemic. Implementation of teleworking for all myfood employees.

Our Aerospring bioponic gardens go out of stock and greenhouse sales increase. The garden and outdoor areas are promoted and become a central part of people’s daily lives.

January 10

Participation in CES in Las Vegas on the Business France pavilion

Deployment of a first smart greenhouse in the US

Presentation of the version 0.9 prototype:

  • add  ergonomic filter and integrated UV lamp
  • add Vision AI recognition camera

September 7

Obtaining the “Efficient Solution” label by the Solar Impulse Foundation
Crowd-fundraising on the LITA impact platform (€ 600K in action)

May 15

Exhibition at Vivatech on the Air Liquide stand
Presentation of the prototype version 0.8:

  • add a photo-bio-reactor for spirulina
  • add LEDs lighting for winter and insulation module

January 3

  • 120 smart greenhouses deployed
  • 9000 followers on our newsletter
  • 7000 followers on Facebook
  • Obtaining the French Tech Pass

November 15

Launch of the construction of an urban farm in Molsheim

February 25

Exhibition at the Salon de l’Agriculture
Presentation of the prototype version 0.7 (Signature version):

  • add a collaborative wiki with all the recommendations
  • add of additional equipment (oxygenator, UV lamp)

February 24

  • 65 smart greenhouses deployed
  • 8000 followers on our newsletter
  • 3500 followers on Facebook

September 11

Myfood completes funding round, raising 1.2M€

May 14

Install Family version 0.7 at a Pioneer site:

  • add events management
  • add OpenData API

February 25

Exhibition at the Salon de l’Agriculture
Presentation of the prototype version 0.6:

  • add smart push notifications (recipes, sensors)
  • add AI features based on visual recognition (production estimation, system health)

February 3

  • 6000 followers on our newsletter
  • 2000 followers on Facebook
  • 1400 followers on Twitter

December 5

Exhibition at “Société du Grand Paris”
Presentation of prototype version 0.5:

  • add Sigfox connectivity module
  • add web-app for online monitoring

Mid-September – November

Second Deployment of the aquaponic kits City, Family14, Family22 on Pioneer sites

Mid-July – August

Major product improvements based on Pioneers feedback
Industrialization and setup of an automated supply chain

July 2

1000 followers on our newsletter

Mid-April – June

Deployment of the aquaponic kits Family14, Family22 on Pioneer sites


Presentation of City prototype version 0.1

February 27, 2016

Exhibition at the Salon de l’Agriculture
Presentation of the prototype version 0.4:

  • add integrated pellet stove
  • improved support for vertical towers
  • improving support of semi-transparent solar panels

January 10

Deployment of auto-fertile beds at Pioneer site:

  • use of semi-composted BRF
  • add biochar to the soil mix
  • use Open Source seeds

December 20

500 followers on our newsletter

December 5

Exhibit at ESCP for COP21
Presentation of the prototype version 0.3:

  • improved support with integrated 24 vertical towers
  • add semi-transparent solar panels

November 20

Install myfood kit version 0.21 at a Pioneer site:

  • add radiation measurement kit
  • add data sharing with

October 2

Launch of Pioneer program

September 20

Final exhibition at POC21
Presentation of the prototype version 0.2:

  • use of a 22m² greenhouse with 12 aquaponics vertical towers
  • add 1000L tank
  • add auto-fertile beds
  • add monitoring system OpenGarden / Arduino YUN

August 15

Beginning of the Innovation camp POC21 at Millemont