Crisis or green growth?

May 11th has already passed and activities are slowly but surely restarting. This event will undoubtedly be remained in books of History. What our children will learn at school tomorrow is now up to us.

Are we going to go back to business as usual, with nothing good to come out of it, or will the covid-19 epidemic be a driver for action to accelerate global change?

Since the beginning of the health crisis, we have seen a significant change in citizens’ vision for a sustainable food as well as in their consumption behaviour.

The effects of the virus have revealed loopholes in the food sovereignty of mass distribution systems, and a more pressing need to emancipate from the long, heavily impacted and still fragile supply chains, especially in highly urbanized regions.

A culture of leadership

Discover Joffrey’s Greenhouse only one month after its implementation

For most, the project was on its way to completion, Lockdown simply allowed them to make it happen.

A surprising reasoning, nowadays it seems easier to buy a kilo of tomatoes and herbs at the supermarket. But at what price!

It’s not just a matter of money. But of the tribe paid by the nature :

Water scarcity, soil depletion, the spread of pesticides that extend beyond the areas concerned.

No carbon tax of a few billion euros will ever be able to pay back the resources that we no longer have at the end of the second half of the year. That is a fact. We are consuming “1.75 times faster” than the regenerative capacity of our natural ecosystems, according to the Global Footprint Network.

Our Pionners embrace a green growth approach. They are cultivating the model among their family, friends and neighbours that an alternative for consumption and agriculture which respects the environment and our health is a reality today.

So how can we reconcile ecological awareness with the massive production of ultra-fresh plants? How to start when knowledge of intensive and sustainable market gardening remains for most of people a mystery?

Myfood has developed technological and technical innovations that make this “tour de force” possible.

When the IA invites itself to serve the Green Economy, self-production and Pionniers

Permaculture does not mean going backwards

Our smart box collects parameters useful to the control of the greenhouse like the acidity and the temperature of the water.

Thus, our agronomists team ensures accurate monitoring of all Pioneers.

A model enhanced by Open Source

All greenhouses exchange information and create a real knowledge base. Then, neuromimic algorithms extrapolate behaviors and provide real support, a transparent help to the management of these complex ecosystems.

With time, the models are refined and allow a better management of the daily greenhouses.

Technical and agronomic support is a key point of the experience.
It allows you to adopt the right gestures and good practices, from the start, to the use of your connected greenhouse or vertical garden.
Simple and effective tools are available for pioneers to help them cultivating without any prior knowledge.

The Teams Collaboration Platform : to interact live with our agronomists and pioneers from all over the world. Participate to online visits of our greenhouses and those of our pioneers.

Knowledge DataBase myfoodWiki : to consolidate all the knowledge and experiences accumulated by the community. From site preparation, to installation to exploitation.

youtube Channel: for explanations and tutorials on the use of our solutions via videos. Every two months, an online conference allows a direct and interactive exchange with our teams.

myfoodhub App: to connect to the greenhouse remotely from a mobile, tablet or desktop computer.
The pioneer thus, has access to key informations for an optimal control (indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, water acidity, crop monitoring, recommendations).